Why my selection is the best

We normally face difficulties to find Best bengali sarees online under india’s biggest online portal due to incorrect tagging of Name, Material and categories. This actually causes lot of exchanges, return during your urgent requirements. Hence, thought of coming up with this portal where I will find best Bengali Saree online and put under appropriate categories for your easy reference and purchase.


In our modern days of millennium, one of finest traditional saris are known as Banarasi silk sarees. Banarasi sarees are known for designing with gold as and silver brocade known as 'Zari'. These sarees are known for their designs which are Mughal inspired and that’s the special characteristics of Banarasi Saree.


Most famous Bengali Saree is known as The Korial saree which you normally see on screen. The saree comes with white body and red boarder. These sarees are normally worn by married woman and usually very prominent during Durga Puja and festive time. Normal makeup wth these sarees are big red bindi and either open hair or in a casual bun.


Katha stitch saree has a second name Nakshi Kantha. The sarees are made with 'running' hand stitch with beautiful design. These desins were traditionally used for quilts, dhotis but over the time the trend was evolved and made a road into Indian fashion industry. Best part of kantha sarees are every saree is unique and no two kantha sarees are same.


One of the authentic Bengali sarees is the Baluchari saree. This saree is most chosen by the women of India and Bangladesh. Baluchari Saree has got hand-woven design using quality silk, along with sophisticated designs portraying Indian mythology grafted in its large 'pallu'.