Traditional Bengali Saree – Red and White – Durga Puja 2020

When we speak about Traditional Bengali Saree, first thing comes in our mind is Red and White sarees during Durga Puja festival. However, these red and white sarees are known as traditional sarees and still popular and kept its charm.

Traditional Bengali Saree – Red and White is also known as Korial which is the most popular Bengali saree. Korial sarees are normally white saree and with red border. These traditional sarees have gorgeous look which is delicate and graceful. Wearing these sarees gives classic look suitable best for the Durga puja celebrations. The name korial came from kora which means white or plain.

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Normally people misunderstand that these sarees are made of only one kind of fabric which is known as “Tant”. Yes, this was true ages ago, but over the time the choices and style stamen has changed, and more variety are available for red and white sarees.

Now a days you can get very expensive red and white sarees under different categories like Jamdani, Balucheri, Kantha Stitch, Tasar and off course in Tant which is the inventor of this tradition. Earlier days these sarees were normally worn by middle aged woman. However, over the time this Traditional Bengali Saree – Red and White become a strong style statement among younger woman. Also, noteworthy, this is a very famous outfit for singing and dancing with Bengali tune. You might find many small girls are wearing these sarees and performing various dancing and singing activities. I will try to find such beautiful sarees for small girl in my upcoming Kids section.

As per old tradition these traditional Bengali sarees – red and white used to be worn during Durga puja immersion procession. However, with changing time and fashion outlook, these sarees are now popular during any festival. Even for visiting template these sarees are widely used in any place all over world to make a style statement of Bengali culture. Now a days It is often seen that these sarees are also worn during Bengali weddings.

What Accessories goes with these sarees?

Many of you may not know complete accessories for Traditional Bengali Saree – Red and White. Here I am giving some of the common accessories worn along with these sarees.

  • Red Alta (covering your ankle)
  • Red Bindi (must be circle)
  • Hair should be tide Bun or Open – depends on your choice.
  • While and red Bangles (Known Sakha Pola – for Married woman)

You can find these accessories in any online store.

So what are you waiting for? I have selected a few sarees from online store for your easy purchase. Please refer Traditional Saree section to get more details.

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