Glass Organza Saree – Online India 2020

Glass Organza Saree – Online…. Latest trend in Saree world. Have you checked out yet?

First, let’s understand what Organza means. Organza is a very thin and pure fabric usually made from silk. However, in recent trends, it was also noticed that much modern organza is woven with synthetic thread fibers such as polyester or nylon to meet the high demand in the market. Those who are wondering about the name which sounds a little different, you are right, organza silk is woven mostly by a number of mills in the province of Zhejiang in China.

Now we know the background of Glass Organza Sarees, the question is why sudden hype about this trend?

The Organza saree industry has risen steeply in past years and we got to see different types of designer Fancy organza sarees. Authentic silk Organza is very expensive as its normally being exported. However, the saree makers sensed the need and demand for Organza sarees which is in all-time high and most searched Saree in Online. Therefore, the saree makers came with an alternative that is now being made from polyester and nylon to help ease the cost.

How do I authenticate Fancy Organza Sarees?

There will be a very thin line to differentiate authentic Organza visa vis polyester and nylon Organza. Original Organza is known for very small holes throughout the fabric. There should be spaces within the twist and weft thread in the plain-weave pattern, more holes indicate better quality organza. The good quality of organza is known to have maximum
holes per inch.


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